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Howto: Extend VDisk in HP EVA4400 and Windows 2003 Server

Software needed: Command View EVA and Diskpart.exe

After you identify which VDisk you want to extend, set the desired size in that VDisk Properties pane in HP Command View, but you need to ensure first that you have enough available storage unallocated in your EVA system.

Then wait until EVA completes the resizing process. Note: you don’t need to unpresent the VDisk from the host before resizing.

Next step is to use diskpart to extend the partition so that the operating system is able to read the new size. Details on how to use diskpart to extend a partition is described here. Just follow the steps carefully and you’re good to go.


Written by Indra Satriani

January 10, 2012 at 1:21 pm

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